Machine technical sheet

Immagine rappresentane il macchinario
Brand: Tutti
Model: TUTTI
Type: Forklift truck: counterbalanced forklift truck
Power supply: Battery 12V-36V
Reference standard: UNI EN 12895:2002
Frequency of work: Non disponibile
Type of emission: Non disponibile
Type of radiant element: Non disponibile
Category according to 12198-1-12009 Standard: Non disponibile
Required protection measures:
  1. Justifiable (absence of risk) if it is compliant with the regulations for the product
  2. For sensitive subjects with AIMD suggested safety distance 0.5 m from charger's contacts and charging station

Required risk assessment for sensitive subjects with AIMD only if RF systems are on board (i.e RFID devices; Radio transmitters etc.)

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